Top 10 Natural Contact Lenses For Daily Use

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Top 10 Natural Contact Lenses For Daily Use

You should use natural contact lenses to change your natural look subtly if you want an economical way to do so. EyeQ Boutique sells a wide range of vibrant natural contact lenses in various types, colours and patterns for dark eyes. These naturally colored contacts are designed to help your eyes softly enhance, while retaining a noticeable natural glow.

3 Reasons Why You Need EyeQ Boutique Natural Color Lenses

1. 2020 trend in fashion

To date, the famed autumn and winter fashion shows are coming to an end, like all these shows of Paris, Italy, London, etc. Regardless of what happens on Lanvin, Alexander and Jason Wu Bridge or the stadium of Peiguo, we shall see that they are all overlapped with those simple and natural make-ups, with no complicated costumes other than their natural beauty.

So why not keep up with the current trend and buy natural contacts for the eye now to complement clear maquillages and walk on the front?

2020's trend is YOUR  natural beauty (Lanvin Fall/Winter 2020, Vogue)
2020’s trend is YOUR  natural beauty (Lanvin Fall/Winter 2020, Vogue)

2. Wide popularity

EyeQ Boutique is still insistent on the ideals of “customer first” that guarantee you colored contact lenses of high quality. We can still invest lots of marketing research, but the biggest thing we do here is your personal experience with our products. That’s why EyeQ Boutique has been strengthening over these years. We are now making more development with our natural colored lenses.

These 10 natural eye color contacts we are introducing to you below are EyeQ Boutique’s most popular lenses, you can also go to the collections to see 100+ all colors EyeQ Boutique natural looking eye contacts.

3. High Quality Materials & Comfortable

If you’re concerned about compromising comfort for style, then you needn’t worry! All of our contact lenses are produced by reputable brands FRESHGO and made from high quality materials, making them safe, comfortable and easy to wear.


Established in 2014, FreshGo is still insisting that first-class contact lenses such as ISO and CE are available in compliance with the consumer philosophy. With your health and welfare at the top of the list, FreshGo is seriously taken by manufacturers and particularly, EyeQ Boutique is proud of our worldwide renowned contact lenses providers of FreshGo. Both FreshGo lens brands are subjected to international safety and health regulations. Each FreshGo contact lens is checked in a complicated process in order to provide the best possible assurance of your health. For example, you can place these contact lenses in a boiling water to ensure that it is safe for you to wear the colorful Freshgo contact lenses at the highest temperatures.

Looking For The Most Natural Looking Contact Lenses? Look No Further!

If you are searching days and nights for contact lenses that look most natural, you are certainly in the right place amongst our natural contact lenses set. We have a broad range of natural eye colors for our high-quality and easy-to-use natural contact lenses from blue, brown, gray and even green. There are some of the best colored contacts for natural eye shades to purchase, check them out!

Perfect for changing the tone of your eyes, especially if you’re bored or unsatisfied with your natural eye color, our natural contact lenses allow you to switch up in an instant the shade of your iris to something fresh and new that compliments your style and personality. Or, if you feel your eyes need only a little spicing up, you can also enhance the natural color of your eyes.

Freshgo Natural Quartzo (Gray Grey) Cosmetic Colored Contact Lenses
Freshgo Natural Quartzo (Gray Grey) Cosmetic Colored Contact Lenses

Style Choices For Natural Lenses At EyeQBoutique

TOP 1: Freshgo Natural Avela – Honey Color

Top 1: Freshgo Natural Avela Cosmetic Colored Contact Lenses
Freshgo Natural Avela Cosmetic Colored Contact Lenses (1 Year)

Natural Avela color contact lenses consist of honey color, they will make your eyes brighter.  When wearing these lenses, people will be caught by your natural looking eyes. They are suitable for daily wear as well as special occasions.

TOP 2: Freshgo Natural Quartzo (Grey)

Top 2: Freshgo Natural Quartzo (Gray) Cosmetic Colored Contact Lenses
Freshgo Natural Quartzo (Gray) Cosmetic Colored Contact Lenses

Natural Quartzo Gray color contact lenses are designed with gray color.  When you wear these contacts, your eyes will be blue gray and brighter.  Great for any occasions.

TOP 3: Freshgo Natural Mel – Yellow & Green

Top 3: Freshgo Natural Mel Cosmetic Colored Contact Lenses
Freshgo Natural Mel Cosmetic Colored Contact Lenses

With yellow green lens color, Natural Mel color contact lenses can transform even the darkest brown eyes into vivid green eyes. Wearing these contacts, your eyes will be more charming. Great for daily wear or traveling.

TOP 4: Freshgo Natural Esmeralda (Green)

Top 4: Freshgo Natural Esmeralda (Green) Cosmetic Colored Contact Lenses
Freshgo Natural Esmeralda (Green) Cosmetic Colored Contact Lenses

Natural Esmeralda Green contacts designed with absinthe blue, carefully tinted with a yellow ring in the center and bordered by a black limbal ring. Make your eyes a vivid green color. Great for travelling.

TOP 5: Freshgo Natural Topazio (Blue)

Top 5: Freshgo Natural Topazio (Blue) Cosmetic Colored Contact Lenses
Freshgo Natural Topazio (Blue) Cosmetic Colored Contact Lenses

Natural Topazio Blue contacts designed with bright navy blue, carefully tinted with a yellow ring in the center and bordered by a black limbal ring. Transforming your eyes into pools of oceanic blue. Great for travelling.

TOP 6: Freshgo Natural Ambar (Yellow)

Top 6: Freshgo Natural Ambar Cosmetic Colored Contact Lenses
Freshgo Natural Ambar Cosmetic Colored Contact Lenses

Natural Ambar Yellow color contact lenses are ideal for brown eyes. With a diameter of 14.2 mm, tinted with a yellow ring in the center and bordered an ever-so-slight limbal ring, transforming your eye color into aqua green.

TOP 7: Freshgo Silky Gold

Top 7: Freshgo Silky Gold Cosmetic Colored Contact Lenses
Freshgo Silky Gold Cosmetic Colored Contact Lenses

Silky Gold, a blend of golden and brown colors that create a bright and natural effect. A subtle gray limbal ring defines the look while these lovely shades blend for a style that’s warm and charming. Most change in the light color eyes, although it’s suitable for anyone who wants to try it out.

TOP 8: Freshgo Gray Beige

Top 8: Freshgo Gray Beige Cosmetic Colored Contact Lenses
Freshgo Gray Beige Cosmetic Colored Contact Lenses

Are you looking for a unique, yet natural colored lens? Gray Beige eyes are always trendy! With Gray Beige contacts, the gray shade with a subtle limbal ring will give you a fresh and stylish look. This color fades from a light gray to a light brown around the pupil.

TOP 9: Freshgo Silky Green

Top 9: Freshgo Silky Green Cosmetic Colored Contact Lenses
Freshgo Silky Green Cosmetic Colored Contact Lenses

Silky Green contact lenses with color are so realistic and natural. A natural look that compliments any skin tone, it blends yellows and greens for a unique color that makes people say wow! Give Silky Green a chance.

TOP 10: Freshgo Lavender Gray (Grey)

Top 10: Freshgo Lavender Gray (Grey) Cosmetic Colored Contact Lenses
Freshgo Lavender Gray (Grey) Cosmetic Colored Contact Lenses

Lavender Gray has a diameter of 14.5mm to enhance the natural beauty of your eyes. Lavender Gray features three beautiful tones and allows your own eyes to show through. Purple eyes never looked so natural! Intense violets blend perfectly with any eyes, including those that are naturally dark.

EYEQ BOUTIQUE & FRESHGO – Shop From Our Natural Contact Lenses Collection!

Suitable for all occasions, including going out on parties, fancy costumes for Halloween, or cosplay and even for casual wearing as a fashion accessory, our high-quality contacts are sure to surprise and amaze friends and family while showcasing their temporary color-coated peepers, without having to stick to your natural color of the eyes.

Simple and safe to use, if you want to redesign your style, then you have to check this amazing range of natural contact lenses with natural colors of the eye such as blue , green, gray and brown.

EyeQ Boutique – Natural Contact Lenses

If you pick the right natural contact lenses, they can make you look like you’re born with that eye color. Think about all the favorite famous figures who you can continue to change your eye colour alike but still feel like they are born with it.

The natural colored dark-eyed contact lenses are a brilliant way to redefine your appearance. These vibrant contacts are the perfect way to upgrade your costume and look with minor but elegant details. Our new, vibrating and thrilling natural, colored contact lenses with intricate patterns and designs help to create a distinctive, natural appearance.

Freshgo Natural Quartzo (Gray)
Freshgo Natural Quartzo (Gray)

We have everything for everyone from natural colored brown eye contact lenses to natural contacts, from natural colored black eye contacts to inexpensive natural contacts. Whichever colour you select, these are intended to bring natural changes to the current color of the eyes.

Modify your eye colour in a natural way from dark brown to gray, grey, blue, aqua or whatever you like now! Nobody can spot the colored contacts you wear. You can always enhance your eyes without losing your natural appearance for a broader and lighter appearance. Pick the beauty and elegance you want without being lavish from our wide range of the best natural colored touches.

Some Notes Before You Purchase

Maintaining high hygiene levels is important for your contact lenses because inappropriate handling can cause infection, discomfort and can affect your eyes and vision in severe situations. The following details should be remembered:

• Colored contact lenses should have the necessary contact lens care materials and should be cleaned, disinfected and stored in an appropriate way.

• The period of wear indicated on your lenses should NEVER be surpassed. The use of lenses that have past their expiration date may cause infection, vision loss or irreversible vision injury.

• If the eyes are wicked, red or itchy, discontinue use. Drop, disinfect and store lenses immediately if the vision is blurred or warped. Check with your optometrist if you have either of these signs as soon as possible.

NEVER swap lenses with anyone else. Bacteria, which can cause severe eye infections, may spread.

Duration To Use And Taking Care Of Your Contacts

If you just want to wear your contact lens and don’t have to think about spending too much time caring about them, try out our 30-day lenses. The non-prescription 30-day natural lenses are also perfect if you want to test out a range of shades and designs before you focus on your costume’s more standard look. The offers for 30-day natural contact lenses could help you to use a pair of contact lenses for all of your party needs.

Natural contact lenses for one year are only needed if you want to stick to an image for a whole year and if you only update your normal wardrobe once for a whole year.

Before determining what duration you want, there are many factors to remember. Next, have you time and materials to clean your contact lenses correctly between applications? If it seems like too much effort or hard work, stick to everyday sunglasses. After one use, you just need to throw them away. Whatever lenses you pick, it is important to remember that you have to prepare them correctly by soaking them in a cleaning solution for at least two hours before using them. We would probably suggest a longer time if you wanted to save money in the longer term, plan multiple costumes or photoshoots. The lenses for 30 or 1 year need further care, but many of our clients feel that the work is worthwhile. The overwhelming amount of style choices make our 30-day collection especially common. The length of these lenses starts from the first use of your lenses so remember the date and it is incredibly important that you don’t use your lenses any longer than specified. In between usages you must store a sterile bottle and some lens solution for your natural contact lenses.

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