TOP 6 Dreamy Contact Lenses To Have A Gorgeous Look!

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TOP 6 Dreamy Contact Lenses To Have A Gorgeous Look!

When To Wear Our Dreamy Contact Lenses?

Beautiful eyes are the windows to the soul. EyeQ Boutique has one of the biggest selections of colored contact lenses available right now to give you that beautiful eye color you’ve ever dreamt about.

And, as the number one choice for color contacts online, we have the best range of quality contact lenses you’ll find.

All our color contact lenses are ultra-comfortable due to their high water content and this ensures your eyes stay hydrated and comfortable whilst enjoying your color contacts, so not only will you look great, but your eyes will feel great too.

So as long as you feel you are the world’s most beautiful princess (or prince), a pair of dreamy contact lenses is always suitable for your journey of finding true beauty!

A promise you’ll never forget

Or you can rephrase it “Oh dreamy eyes you can never forget”! These lenses help you achieve the dreamlike gaze that melts your crush. I mean we are not just secretly suckers for it, promising you something cheesy. Don’t get me to take Titanic or Notebook as examples.

Don’t have a crush or not having been romantically daydreaming at the moment? No problem! The lenses also fit the sensations of the spring. The design and color fit well with the color of your own eye which, while enhancing it, creates a more natural look. Dreamy and innocent eyes can be created from these lenses!  It is ideal for daily use, and you never know that when you wear these lenses you can find yourself catching butterflies.

Looking For The Most Natural Looking Contact Lenses? Look No Further!

You definitely are in the right place! Our dreamy lens collection is the best when you have already hunted days and nights to find contact lenses which seem to be a desire to experience something charming today. Our high-quality and easy-to-use natural contact lenses are made with a wide variety of dreamy eye colours like blue, brown, gray and even green. We have some of the best colored contacts to check out or enhance your natural eye shades!

Our dreamy contact lens allows you to turn the shadow of the iris to something new and fresh in an instant which will complement your style and personality, particularly if you are bored or not happy with the natural eye color. Or you can change the natural color of your eyes if you find like your eyes just need a little spicing up.

TOP 1: Freshtone Misty Gray (Grey)

Freshtone Misty Gray (Grey) Cosmetic Colored Contact Lenses
Freshtone Misty Gray (Grey) Cosmetic Colored Contact Lenses

FreshTone Misty Gray contact lenses are the perfect lenses for your first date that radiates warmth. These stunning gray contacts have no dark outer ring which allows them to look more natural. Spice up your look with this lovely dark gray color! The dreamy feeling that comes along with these lenses is filled with a slight naughtiness that makes it impossible for your crush to look away. Just make sure you don’t get too shy and blush from ear to ear, from all that eye contact action.

TOP 2: Freshtone Pure Blue

Freshtone Pure Blue Cosmetic Colored Contact Lenses
Freshtone Pure Blue Cosmetic Colored Contact Lenses

FreshTone Pure Blue is one of the most sought-after colors in our series, as a blue eye color may also be one of the most extraordinary colors to wear. Don’t tell us you have never dreamt of the light blue eye but still conveying depth! There are a lot of blue contacts in our collection for dark eyes.

A woman’s mystery will make people think about her constantly. They’re curious and they want to know more about her. If you want your crush to think about you every minute of the day, these blue lenses will help you create the mystery.

TOP 3: Freshtone Pure Violet

Freshtone Pure Violet Cosmetic Colored Contact Lenses
Freshtone Pure Violet Cosmetic Colored Contact Lenses

The best quality of such vivid contacts is that they are exceptionally flexible. Although they are mostly used for cosplaying, shades like our violet contact lenses are on the line between both cosplay costumes and natural look. You may like a light purple eye color for the finishing of a fantasy outfit or cosplay, and it is also unbelievably useful to double them and even have it as your regular pair.

However, you should reconsider when choosing these violet colored contact lenses as they are more suitable for Dark Skin and Medium Skin colors.

FOR DARK SKIN: If you are aiming for a natural and feminine look, choose these Pure Violet Contact lenses of warm purple to crease an edge of personality and look. Smoky colours are also feminine and seductive.

FOR MEDIUM SKIN: In addition, if you have fair skin, you would typically look amazing with any colored contact lens, especially with these Pure Violet contacts. Blue and gray colored contacts are also especially dazzling and give you a smart look. Medium skin is also a perfect environment with vivid colors in the eye. Substantial bright colors like turquoise, purple and aqua are especially advisable, if you want to stand out from the crowd!

TOP 4: Freshgo Ocean Series Green

Freshgo Ocean Series Green Cosmetic Colored Contact Lenses

Are you the type of person that can’t or have trouble expressing your feelings? Then these lenses may be for you. No words are needed anymore, these lenses will help you express your feelings.

FRESHGO OCEAN SERIES GREEN is one of our favorite green lenses, as their features are clear glamor for soft makeup, combined with a brown tint! Moreover, if your diva vibe is not complete, these green lenses are glimmering, polished and shiny, ideal for your evening look. EyeQ Boutique has guaranteed you, whether you have a casual meeting with your friends in the sunset, or on a date night with your crush, the best element of your look is our bright green lenses which can create an unforgettable impression!

TOP 5: Freshlady Dream Moonlight

Freshlady Dream Moonlight Colored Contact Lenses
Freshlady Dream Moonlight Colored Contact Lenses

“Live life day by day” is the best way to describe these lenses, if you see yourself in this quote then these lenses will quickly become your favorite. You don’t expect anything and live life to the fullest. This playful design will make life more fun and will attract people to your curiosity.

FRESHLADY DREAM MOONLIGHT is suitable for every occasion. Regardless of your New Year’s Eve, Halloween, birthday or a cosplay or role-play game, you should definitely have these lenses. If you are in the front line at fashion week and the bar in your home, with a natural look that suits Dark Eyes and Light Skin, there’s no excuse not to change with the seasons. Do you need assistance in selecting a couple of green contacts for dark eyes? You can read up our blogs and we have all you need to know!

TOP 6: Freshlady Dream Polaris

Freshlady Dream Polaris Colored Contact Lenses Cosmetic
Freshlady Dream Polaris Colored Contact Lenses Cosmetic

The design of FRESHLADY DREAM POLARIS is just like a flower. Perfect for spring or perfect for confessing your love, both situations where buds bloom into gorgeous flowers. The dreamy look makes it seem like you’re currently in a dream.

A simple change with amazing results

The sayings: ‘the eyes tell it all’ are well known to us all. And what your eyes say about you? Our color contact lenses are a perfect way to build your new image if you dream of updating it. Today, we are living in the world of cinema, music and the catwalk with all our favorite celebrities who change their color to supplement their skin tones, clothes and hair. Some of our favorite popular people change their eye color every day! The stunning Amber Rose enjoys the use of gray contacts and hazel contacts, and particularly the blue contacts for this beautiful, famous blonde hair / blue eye look.

And make sure you check out our blogs for details about the colorful contacts that your favorite celebrities wear. You can be a different person every day with your dreamy eyes! Our colored contacts come in a large range of colors and designs to perfect your image so that you are pleased with the new look effect you’ve created when you see in the mirror, take a fantastic selfie, or look at your Instagram feed.

You can create any beauty and any style that you can dream up through our high quality, affordable Dreamy Eyes Color Contacts line. Come in, take a look at our and take the first important step in your path. If you get blessed by major social media followers, you really need to check our discounted lenses page to find out how you can get your lenses with great discounts. We give free shipping to all our clients. It’s time to be born and give birth to a new star – why shouldn’t it?

Duration To Use

Fashion dreamy contact lenses are for all sorts of occasions, ranging from a 30-day use to a whole year, whether it is for formal dress and cosplay or only casual wear. No matter what the duration of your lens is, all give your eyes a startling change of colour, perfect for leaving a daring impression.

However, the length of our contacts can be difficult to assess, based on how you take care of the lenses. Besides the dreamy look you can get from your lenses, think about how much you can use your lenses and want to disinfect, maintain or just throw away your lenses. The value of 30-day lenses is that you can buy a lot more options at low cost. For those outside and out at an event such as a Cosplay festival, it may be particularly useful. If you are not the type to take care of your lenses on a frequent basis and want to try out many types, our 30-day brown contact lenses are your best option.

If you intend to build only one character and wear your lenses as a regular adjustment, check out our 1-year options. These options can work for many occasions as long as they are carefully taken care of between usage. Make sure you still have clean hands when your lenses are taken out or inserted and stored in a lens solution. The length of your lenses starts from the first use.

Shopping Dreamy Contact Lenses Online

Not only do we sell vibrant lenses at affordable prices, but at EyeQ Boutique, we also have great knowledge to advise you on your best choice of contact lenses. We have all the experience you need when you purchase your own Dreamy Contact Lenses, from buying to design, using and aftercare.

One of the most sought-after colors in our series, a brown eye color may also be one of the most complicated. You don’t have to fear that you won’t be dreaming of the light brown eye that is deeper, or a pure blue dreamy eye colour. There’s a lot of blue contacts in our collection for dark eyes. Make sure you go to our blog for more information on brown contacts. You should blend brown colored contact lenses into your natural look in several ways. We loaded our blog with lots of make-up tutorials and a lot of tips for your next Cosplay or spooky awesome dress suit using the brown colored contacts.

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