Clive Christian Jump Up and Kiss Me Hedonistic 1.6 oz 50 ml Addicted Arts Perfume Fragrance Masculine Spray For Men | Gift for Him | Father's Day Gift for Him

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A smouldering aphrodisiac elixir, brimming with allure. This amber-infused oriental masterpiece dances with gourmande, fruity, and addictive notes, and a complexity of 203 of the finest ingredients. It opens with a citrus accord of Bergamot, Grapefruit, and Neroli, entwined with a herbal green embrace of black cherry and Clary Sage, embodying the essence of sun-warmed paradise. Mate Tea, hailed as the drink of friendship and a gift from the gods, lends a touch of bitterness to the scent. At its heart, Jasmine reigns supreme, accompanied by the rich notes of Orris and Papyrus, infusing sensuality and depth.

The Addictive Arts Collection is pure perfume hedonism, inviting you to step deeper into a secret underworld of hedonistic decadence with perfumes that explore our most indulgent emotions, inspired by the words of British literary greats. These are our boldest and most complex perfume offering.

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